A Foreclosure in the past can affect your credit depending on how long it had occured in the past

Credit Attribute Credit Grade FICO Score General Credit Items
Excellent A 620-800 No current late payments or minor issues, foreclosure or bankruptcy over 5 years old with good history since.
Good B 550-650 1 or 2 30-60 day current lates, foreclosure or bankruptcy over 3 years old.
Fair C 500-620 Many current lates 1 up to 120 days, foreclosure or bankruptcy over 1 year old, no credit at all.
Poor D 400-480 Many current lates over 120 days, current bankruptcy, recent foreclosure or foreclosure legal process started.

Please note that attributes and grades are subjective and will differ by creditor. Credit scores will vary by credit bureau.

Consider this chart merely a rough guide to help complete the form you are working on.